How it Works Commission Art

Paintings are done with reference photos. They can be taken by me or you can send them by email.

Photographic quality is the key to a successful detailed portrait. Good quality, in focus photos are important. Outdoor, natural daylight photos with a good quality camera work best. You can email the images, send photographs by mail or drop them off at the studio. After looking at all the photos, I can give a recommendation of poses that will work best for a painting. Let me know if you really like a certain pose that shows the real “them”.

If your pet has passed, you can send as many photos as you can. I can help you work out which would be best for a portrait.

Once the pose and mockup have been decided on a deposit of $200 is made. I will post a photo of your art on my Facebook business page so you can follow along with the progress. Clients can offer feedback if they would like by email or posting on the page. You are welcome to share our posts of your artwork since it will be watermarked with my signature.

As soon as the painting is completed, you can view the portrait at my studio or I can email a scan of it. You can then let me know if any changes need to be made.

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